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Events at Kabayan Hotel

When it comes to planning an event, your choice of venue is critical. Whether you’re holding a function for business or for pleasure, picking the right venue can help you achieve the appropriate atmosphere and create a memorable experience for all your invited guests.

A good venue will also make your planning process that much easier by giving you access to almost everything you need for your event, from tables and chairs to food to audiovisual equipment. Plus, the staff at your venue should be able to connect you with even more vendors and suppliers that can help you execute the perfect event.

If you’re looking for a place to gather with your colleagues, family members, or friends, and if you want to celebrate in style at the most reasonable rates, Kabayan Hotel should be at the top of your list. Our three function rooms are perfect for private functions of any kind, ranging from grand, well-attended affairs to small and intimate gatherings. Learn more about our event spaces below!

VENUE Salo Function Room Kabayan Commercial Center Manila Function Room   Batangas Function Room Ilocos Function Room Marinduque Function Room  Worship Hall PSC Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 280 215 69 60 35 36 30 55
BANQUET (rectangular table) 100 to 150 80 40 30 20 20 20 to 30 20 to 40
CLASSROOM 100 to 150 80 to 10 40 35 16 16 30 to 35 30 to 40
U-SHAPE 30 25 12 12 15 to 20 20 to 25
BOARDROOM 30 25 12 12 20 to 30 20 to 25
CLUSTERS 100 to 150 80 to 100 40 30 20 20 30 to 40 20 to 35
THEATER 150 to 200 20 to 60 70 65 30 30 40 to 50 20 to 60
Salo Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 280
BANQUET (rectangular table) 100 to 150
CLASSROOM 100 to 150
CLUSTERS 100 to 150
Kabayan Commercial Center
SIZE (sq m) 215
BANQUET (rectangular table) 80
CLASSROOM 80 to 100
CLUSTERS 80 to 100
Pinoy Star Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 55
BANQUET (rectangular table) 20 to 40
CLASSROOM 30 to 40
U-SHAPE 20 to 25
BOARDROOM 20 to 25
CLUSTERS 20 to 35
THEATER 20 to 60
Worship Hall
SIZE (sq m) 30
BANQUET (rectangular table) 20 to 30
CLASSROOM 30 to 35
U-SHAPE 20 to 20
BOARDROOM 20 to 30
CLUSTERS 30 to 40
THEATER 40 to 50
Manila Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 69
BANQUET (rectangular table) 40
Batangas Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 60
BANQUET (rectangular table) 30
Marinduque Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 34
BANQUET (rectangular table) 20
Ilocos Function Room
SIZE (sq m) 35
BANQUET (rectangular table) 20

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    Kabayan Hotel is the ideal hotel for weddings, birthday parties, corporate conferences, meetings, and just about any gathering you can think of. Depending on your needs and specifications, our event spaces can be rearranged to accommodate anywhere between 20 and 200 guests.

    We offer a variety of different pre-made layouts for each hotel function room to ensure that your chosen venue is perfectly conducive to your purposes. You can choose from among the following configurations:


    Guests are seated at different rectangular tables, facing inwards. This type of layout encourages interaction between guests, as all attendees sit facing each other. A banquet-style setup is especially appropriate for debuts, Christmas parties, formal dinners, weddings, and other similar events.


    Classroom seating mimics the typical seating layout used in schools and lecture halls. Chairs and tables are arranged in straight, consecutive columns facing the front of the venue, where the main speakers or presenters will be situated.

    This layout allows attendees to focus on the stage and the material being presented instead of being distracted by each other’s presence. It’s also ideal for note-taking.

    Classroom-style seating is best for conferences, training sessions, or product launches. If you’re planning any one of these events for your company or organization, contact Kabayan Hotel.


    This open-ended seating configuration, as its name suggests, has tables and chairs arranged in the shape of the letter U. The audience faces inwards, with the inner part of the U-shape acting as a focal point or presentation area. This configuration allows presenters to engage and interact with audience members up close if they desire. It also encourages audience interaction, since the event attendees also face each other.

    U-shaped seating is a good choice for workshops, meetings, trainings, and conferences. Kabayan Hotel’s staff can definitely help you set up for one of these events.


    This seating configuration typically consists of a single elongated table, with all attendees seated facing inwards. Since attendees all face each other, this layout is highly conducive for interaction and discussion between attendees. Boardroom-style seating is best for small, professional gatherings such as meetings, interviews, or team briefings.


    Cluster-type layouts consist of multiple small tables scattered throughout the space. High-top cocktail tables are the most commonly used type of table for this layout and may be placed with or without chairs.

    Ideally, it’s best to arrange the tables in such a way as to create a main, central path that foot traffic through the space can pass through easily. This is a relaxed, informal seating configuration that encourages guests to mix and mingle with one another. Kabayan Hotel recommends the cluster-type layout for cocktail parties, networking events, and the like.


    A theater-style seating arrangement is the simplest and most common event layout you can employ. It consists only of chairs arranged in consecutive straight rows facing a stage or presentation area. This layout allows event organizers to maximize their venue’s seating capacity. It’s particularly useful for film viewings, large meetings, and product launches.

    No matter what kind of event you’re looking to hold, we at Kabayan Hotel are happy to work with you to create the best possible experience for all your attendees. Our event spaces are attractive, flexible, and easy to rearrange according to the seating configuration that best suits your specifications.

    Our array of on-site amenities, including catering and a 24/7 business center, can also help you streamline your preparations and minimize the number of external vendors you’ll have to work with. In addition, Kabayan Hotel’s competent and well-trained staff will also be at your disposal to ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

    Kabayan Hotel is home to the following three multifunctional, configurable event spaces:

    Salo Function Room

    Measuring a generous 280 square meters in size, the Salo Function Room is the biggest venue Kabayan Hotel offers. The room’s bright, vibrant lighting and wide windows give it a spacious, airy feel, ensuring that it never feels crowded even at full capacity. This space is best for big, well-attended events such as weddings, debuts, and large-scale corporate functions.

    The following layouts are available for the Salo Function Room:

                  • Banquet (rectangular tables), 100 to 150 pax
                  • Classroom, 100 to 150 pax
                  • Clusters, 100 to 150 pax
                  • Theater, 150 to 200 pax

    Pinoy Star Function Room

    Our Pinoy Star Function Room measures 55 square meters, making it ideal for midsize events such as workshops, trainings, meetings, and smaller social events. Available layouts for this room include the following:

                  • Banquet, 20 to 40 pax
                  • Classroom, 20 to 40 pax
                  • U-Shape, 20 to 25 pax
                  • Boardroom, 20 to 25 pax
                  • Clusters, 20 to 40 pax
                  • Theater, 20 to 60 pax

    Worship Hall

    The Worship Hall is the smallest and most intimate of our event spaces, measuring 50 square meters. It can accommodate small to midsize social and professional events quite comfortably. The space can be reconfigured into any of the following layouts:

                  • Classroom, 20 to 40 pax
                  • U-shape, 20 to 25 pax
                  • Boardroom, 20 to 25 pax
                  • Clusters, 20 to 40 pax
                  • Theater, 20 to 60 pax

    Kabayan Hotel offers guarded parking facilities for all guests’ peace of mind. However, please bear in mind that parking slots are limited. Each event reservation includes parking for two vehicles only.

    If you’re interested in holding your next social or corporate event at Kabayan Hotel, get in touch with us by phone or email to set up your reservation with our sales team. You can also request a quote on your event by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

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