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Hotels all need to go above and beyond in delivering great service if they want to earn dedicated clientele. At better hotels, the rooms might be just a bit quieter, the beds more comfortable, and the bathrooms more luxurious. Guests at decent hotels will also enjoy such things as free Wi-Fi, room service, air-conditioning, and cable TV. However, even the best room amenities won’t be enough if the hotel does not feature a good in-house restaurant.

A good restaurant helps elevate a hotel, helping to distinguish it from other establishments in the area. As the team behind Kabayan Hotels can attest, having a great restaurant is especially important for Pasay hotels, given the sheer number of tourists and the amount of competition in the city. In this article, we’ll look into some of the reasons why all hotels should consider investing in a restaurant that could deliver a quality dining experience.

1) Restaurants Impart Character

With the right management, a restaurant can make a hotel more than just a place where guests can stay in. It can make the hotel a place where cherished memories are shared over a hot meal or a unique beverage, especially if the restaurant can create some signature dishes in their menu that makes a memorable impression on its diners.

2) Restaurants Help with Branding

Regardless of where they are or how many stars they have, hotels tend to offer very similar services. Having a restaurant that offers a unique menu with signature items makes it possible for a hotel to stand out from the rest. For instance, Kabayan Hotel’s Salo Restaurant offers a distinctly Filipino menu that sets it apart from most hotels that offer conventional international fare.

3) Having a Restaurant Brings in Local Customers

Restaurants are important for attracting local customers. If a hotel doesn’t have a fully featured dine-in restaurant, the only time locals will visit is if they’re doing a staycation or need emergency accommodations. Thus, having a restaurant ensures that there’s another reason for locals to visit the hotel.

4) Restaurants Can Generate Additional Income

A well-managed restaurant that’s popular with locals can help a hotel secure a steady revenue stream, which is important in today’s uncertain hospitality landscape. A well-rated restaurant could help the hotel maintain revenues during the off-season, keeping the lights on and providing additional stability.

5) In-House Restaurants Offer Convenience

A proper in-house restaurant that offers a good dining experience will help ensure guest satisfaction. It’s worth noting that guests who are tired from traveling may not necessarily want to bother with eating out. In fact, many of them probably hope there’s a restaurant at the hotel so that they can just stay in and wonderful dine-in experience, should they so choose.

6) They Can Strengthen Ties with The Local Community

Hotels that have no restaurants may become disconnected from the communities where they are located. Having a restaurant makes it possible for a hotel to cultivate local ties, ensuring an amount of local support for the hotel.

7) In-House Restaurants Give Guests Peace of Mind

Many times, guests will prefer dining at an in-house restaurant because it saves them the hassle of hailing a cab or exploring the immediate area when they’re not quite ready. Some cautious travelers may also be more comfortable dining at hotel restaurants as they know they will be surrounded by fellow travelers and hotel staff. By having a quality restaurant on the premises, hotels can better serve these types of guests.

8) They Can Ramp Up Your Hotel’s Social Media Presence

A good in-house restaurant can generate serious social media buzz for the hotel it’s associated with. This is an incredibly important point, given how competitive digital marketing is for the hotel industry. Restaurants that deliver winning service and visually appealing fare are highly likely to be promoted by customers on their social media pages, helping maintain the hotel’s online presence.

9) Restaurants Offer More Opportunities for Engaging with Guests

Restaurants offer the hotel more opportunities to engage with guests, which can be valuable for gathering insights into preferences and behavior. These insights, in turn, can help the hotel further improve its services, helping it get better reviews and drawing even more business.

10) Good Restaurants Encourage Repeat Business

When regular travelers speak of a favorite hotel that’s a “home away from home,” you can be sure that the hotel they’re referring to has a decent restaurant on the premises. If a guest enjoys the hotel restaurant, chances are good that they may choose to eat at that restaurant or sample other restaurants associated with the hotel — something directly associated with additional revenue and long-term success for hotels.

11) All Great Hotels Have Great Restaurants

Every famous hotel is associated with an equally famous restaurant. The fact is, a good hotel that does not have a restaurant can never hope to be more than just a place to stay. For a hotel to deliver a complete experience and to become a destination in and of itself, having a well-managed restaurant on the premises is an absolute necessity.

Running a successful hotel restaurant can be extremely challenging, but it can ultimately be worthwhile for the reasons outlined above. By understanding the specific benefits of having a good in-house restaurant, hotel managers can avoid the trap of opening a restaurant simply for its own sake. Instead, they can ensure that any restaurant they do open helps fulfill the hotel’s goals of strengthening its brand, winning over loyal guests, and increasing its revenue.

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