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Pasay City is one of the centers of the aviation industry in the Philippines. Perhaps its most well-known landmark is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and many people go in and out of the city every day because they have flights to and from other places. But more than just an important stopover for local and international travelers, Pasay City is a tourist magnet on its own. It has plenty of attractions for both business and leisure travelers who don’t want to travel far from NAIA, and there are a lot of establishments in the area that will suit all sorts of budgets.

If you’re traveling with family members, you also won’t be disappointed with your options while in the city. Here are some of the wholesome Pasay City attractions that will delight every member of your family:

Mall of Asia Bay Area Amusement Park

Occupying 67 hectares of reclaimed land, the Mall of Asia (MoA) is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines. So if you’re staying at a hotel near MoA, you naturally have easy access to a long list of entertainment, shopping, and dining options that are just a few minutes away from your accommodation. There are plenty of family-friendly attractions in the area, but there’s a particular place that people of all ages enjoy—the MoA Bay Area Amusement Park. This section of the mall features a dozen rides, some of which you can enjoy as a group. If you want scenic views, especially during sunsets, try out the Giant Wheel or MoA Eye. Thrill seekers are sure to get their dose of adrenalin by going on the Dream Twister or the Drop Tower. There’s also a carousel in the area for young kids and parents who want to take postcard-perfect pictures. For those who prefer to stay close to the ground, there are also games, booths, and other fun rides like Bumper Cars and Road Train that you can check out.

Star City

If your family is looking to visit a theme park with more options, though, there’s always Star City. What first started as an offshoot of a Christmas trade exhibition in 1991 has now turned into one of the first weatherproof amusement parks in the country. Here, you can easily find a wide selection of rides that are suited for kids and older members of the family. Extreme rides such as the Star Frisbee, Jungle Splash, and Seahorse Viking will have you holding on at the edge of your seats. If you’re visiting with kids, though, there are also attractions that are perfectly suited for your younger family members. These include bumper cars, an expansive play area, and a mini pirate ship. Of course, Star City has other classic family-friendly rides like carousels, Ferris wheels, and roller coasters.

Manila Ocean Park

Located right next to the bay, Manila Ocean Park is a world-class theme park that offers a close encounter with the marine kind. It’s a great place to explore together as a family as you get to see and learn a lot about marine life. The Oceanarium is the main attraction of the park. This facility is home to 14,000 individuals that belong to around 277 marine species. Aside from seeing sharks, rays, and other sea-dwellers, you can also explore a gallery that highlights the lives of jellyfish, watch a show that features clever birds and sea lions, feed penguins, and interact with various other living creatures.

The Dessert Museum

Creating happy memories is a central part of family bonding experiences. How about immortalizing these memories by taking creative pictures at The Dessert Museum? This attraction is sure to grab your little one’s attention and provide your teens with the perfect backdrop for their IG posts. The Dessert Museum features 8 impeccably designed rooms that are inspired by all things sweet, like cakes, candies, pastries, fruits, and other desserts. It takes about 2 hours to experience all 8 rooms, so you can easily add this destination to your itinerary for the afternoon. Plus, a booking here comes with free desserts.

Upside Down Museum

If your group is after a unique and mind-boggling experience, check out the Upside Down Museum as well. Inspired by attractions in other countries, this IG-worthy place is designed to give you a new perspective on things by turning them upside down. It’s a place where you can perfectly expect your eyes to deceive you, and it can be a background for photos that will definitely pique the interest of other people. Among the themed areas in the Upside Down Museum are leaning and inverted houses, a mirror house, gigantic everyday items, and many others.

There’s no need for your family to leave the comforts of Pasay City to spend quality time together and experience new adventures. If you’re staycationing in the city or in the middle of a lengthy layover, check out these places and enjoy some of the best family-friendly attractions in Pasay before you return to your everyday routine.

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