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Delivering a top-notch guest experience must be part of every hotelier’s goal. Guests who are happy with their stay can spread the word of their positive experience to others and can lead to welcoming more guests. Also, if your guests enjoyed their stay, it helps build a great hotel brand.

When guests leave great reviews, it can attract more guests, driving revenue with every new booking. And this goes for all hotels regardless of location, whether it’s a hotel in Pasay or any other city. In contrast, a bad hotel experience can encourage guests to choose your competitors instead. This means you lose guests, revenue, and potentially harm your brand.

Delivering quality hotel service through different stages of the guests’ stay proves the most effective means to ensure a good experience. It also makes a more positive impression on guests. From the time your guests arrive at your hotel to the time they depart, here are seven ways you can improve the guest experience in your hotel.

Communicate with Guests Even Before They Arrive

Once your guests have confirmed their booking, send them a detailed pre-arrival email. It needs to contain a booking confirmation and information about the check-in process. This helps make the process smoother and answer questions your guests might have. In the email, you can also highlight your hotel’s amenities, like parking facilities, restaurants, and airport transfers.

In addition to letting your guests know what your hotel can offer, inform them of the forecasted weather on the day of their arrival, events and concerts in the local area, if any, and a map link to your hotel location. These helpful pieces of information can make their stay more enjoyable.

Offer Early Check-In Option

Giving your guests more convenient options to check into their room is an easy way to enhance their experience. Whether your guests want to unwind before a busy day or they arrived ahead of time due to an early flight, giving them the flexibility to check in early shows you’re considerate of their schedule. If an early check-in isn’t an option due to room availability, arrange for your guests to stay in a relaxing spot in your hotel and serve them refreshments. They will surely appreciate the welcoming gesture.

Provide Seamless Check-In Process

Another way to improve your guests’ experience is to provide them with a seamless check-in process. Avoid making guests wait for a long time just to check into their rooms. Offer alternative methods to expedite the process, such as mobile check-ins or self-service kiosks. These can easily facilitate the check-in process and make communicating between the front desk and guest smoother, thus improving guest satisfaction. Even with such machines in the hotel, be sure to have enough staff on hand to assist guests at all times.

Make Hotel Cleanliness and Maintenance a Priority

A clean and well-kept room remains an important part of providing an excellent guest experience. That said, you must not ignore the basic qualities of a great hotel stay. Provide fresh, clean linens and towels, routinely check the electronic appliances in the rooms to ensure they’re all working, and conduct quarterly maintenance for all smart appliances to keep them up-to-date. Performing preventive maintenance reduces issues and guest complaints in the future. It also adds more value to your hotel guest experience.

Give Access to Fast and Free Wi-Fi

These days, especially with more tech-savvy travelers, Wi-Fi needs to be part of your hotel’s basic amenities. Equip your hotel with a wireless internet connection that can handle the bandwidth of guests who will be using their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices during their stay. Make it easy for guests to easily access your hotel’s Wi-Fi by providing it in every hotel room and common area. Also, inform the guests about the hotel’s Wi-Fi situation even before they ask. Do this as they check in, and they’ll appreciate that you anticipate their need to remain connected online.

Offer Personalized Services

Personalizing services is a great way to elevate the guest experience. By adapting to your guests’ preferences and needs, they will feel more welcome. This also creates a better perception of your hotel brand. For example, giving complimentary gifts to guests who celebrate a special occasion at your hotel can improve guest satisfaction. Even small details like leaving a welcome note on their bed or offering their drink of choice can go a long way.

Seek Guests’ Feedback

Providing a quality guest experience extends up to the time that guests leave your hotel. You can do this by asking for feedback about their stay and if there’s anything you can do to improve it. Simply asking such questions gives the impression that you care about your guests. And if there are any negative comments, be prepared with solutions to mitigate them. Offering a sincere apology is a good start, while a small gift for any inconvenience can help let your guests know that you value all kinds of feedback.

There are different ways you can level up the guest experience in your hotel. It starts with mastering the basics, such as providing great hotel service and amenities. Then, consider adding extra touches like personalized services can elevate your guests’ stay. More importantly, stay consistent, and your guests won’t hesitate to recommend your hotel to others who are looking for pleasant accommodations.

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