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Pasay City is, by far, one of the most visited parts of Metro Manila. Much of it has to do with its central location in the National Capital Region and the fact that Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the Philippines’ primary gateway, is partly located in the city. However, Pasay is more than just a transit point — it is also a popular destination in its own right.

Pasay offers a long list of attractions that make it well-liked among locals and visitors. Notably, it’s home to SM Mall of Asia, one of the largest shopping complexes in Asia and a popular stop with visitors to Metro Manila. Pasay also hosts several popular nightlife destinations, including bars, clubs, and licensed casinos. The city also offers a selection of cultural attractions such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, San Roque Church, and Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, just to name a few. Importantly, Pasay City is also the site of several major foreign embassies, including the US and Japanese embassies along the scenic Roxas Boulevard.

With so many attractions and places of interest in and around Pasay City, it’s no surprise that Pasay hotels try to do their best to outcompete each other in terms of price and amenities. But while there are hotels in Pasay to suit every need, there are some amenities that should be expected at all hotels, regardless of your budget.

Here are 9 non-negotiable amenities that frequent travelers should look for when they stay at a Pasay hotel.

1) Proximity to Transportation Options

While Pasay is already in a central location relative to the rest of Metro Manila, being close to transportation options makes things all the more convenient for guests. Proximity to major bus and metro stations also saves guests the trouble of navigating an unfamiliar city and helps save money that would have to be spent on cabs or ride-share services.

Some Pasay hotels are notably located in areas that provide guests access to points of interest located throughout Metro Manila. For example, Kabayan Hotel is located just a short walk away from important MRT-3 and LRT-2 stations, giving guests direct access to many other important parts of the National Capital Region that would be otherwise inaccessible or impractically expensive to get to.

2) 24/7 Front Desk

A 24/7 front desk can provide guests with a consistent level of access to hotel services, regardless of the time of day. They are especially important for hotels in Pasay as transit times within Metro Manila can be unpredictable due to frequent traffic jams. Additionally, 24/7 front desks are particularly handy for visitors arriving through NAIA since they may encounter flight delays as well as issues finding a ride to their hotel.

3) An On-site Restaurant

Frequent business travelers to Pasay tend to have busy schedules. On-site restaurants make it easy for guests to grab a bite to eat without them having to leave their hotel or stress out about dining accommodations.

4) Secure Rooms and Safety Deposit Boxes

Regardless of whether you’re in Pasay for business or pleasure, the hotel you choose should offer secure rooms as well as safety deposit boxes for keeping your belongings safe. Having that extra level of security can go a long way toward ensuring a worry-free stay.

5) Comfortable Bedding

After a long day of travel or business meetings, a good night’s sleep is essential to be at your best the next day. This is why a comfortable bed with high-quality beddings is one of the most important amenities that travelers look for. Look for hotels that offer plush pillows, high thread count sheets, and comfortable mattresses that can provide a good night’s rest.

6) A Consistent, Familiar Environment

When hotels advertise themselves as being a “home away from home”, they are not just talking about hospitality but also the consistency of service that a guest can expect. Most frequent business travelers expect a consistent, familiar experience at their preferred hotels. Consistently good and predictable service allows frequent guests to set their minds at ease, making it easier to focus on their reasons for visiting Metro Manila.

7) An All-Day Business Center and Conference Room

Business travelers who are traveling light will appreciate having 24/7 access to computer workstations and printers as well conference rooms for meeting with local contacts. Guests who manage a team, conduct presentations, or do other kinds of work that require more than just a laptop will probably appreciate the increase in capabilities that a business center and conference room can provide.

8) Airport Transfer Service

Many frequent visitors to Pasay are transients who do not have long-term living accommodations in Metro Manila, only stopping by for a short period before traveling to overseas destinations or regional Philippine cities. Thus, easy access to and from NAIA through a pre-arranged airport transfer service is often highly appreciated by frequent visitors who have limited time to spend in the capital.

9) Wi-Fi Connectivity

Given that virtually all modern travelers carry at least a smartphone and a laptop with them, a secure Wi-Fi connection is practically mandatory for any hotel these days. Choosing a hotel with a good Wi-Fi connection will allow guests to remain connected with their family and work colleagues and permit them to be more productive during their stay.

By choosing a hotel that offers these amenities, frequent visitors to Pasay can assure themselves of a safer, more pleasurable, and more productive trip. Fortunately, most visitors to Pasay won’t have to spend a lot to enjoy these conveniences. Value-oriented hotels such as Kabayan Hotel along EDSA offer visitors all the amenities they need along with great Filipino-style service.

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