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Some people like to receive material gifts on special occasions, but others treasure more intangible things like experiences. For how popular they’ve become, it’s not hard to see the appeal of experience gifts, or gifts whose main purpose is to give the recipient the opportunity to try something new or do something they like. Experience gifts pave the way for quality time with loved ones or precious time on one’s own, and for recipients, they often result in some of life’s most cherished memories.

Do you have family members, close friends, or a significant other whose primary love languages are quality time and acts of service? Are you looking for an unforgettable birthday, anniversary, or graduation gifts to give them that they’ll never forget? Below are seven awesome experience gifts that they’ll always remember.

A Staycation at a Good Hotel

As far as classic experience gifts go, a staycation at a good hotel can’t be beat. Your loved ones will truly appreciate the chance to take a break from their home lives and to get delicious meals and a good night’s rest at a hotel.

Location is one thing you should think about before you book a hotel holiday for your recipient. They’ll likely enjoy staying in a place where excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment options aren’t too far away. Treat them by booking a room at Kabayan Hotel, which is one of the most reputable hotels in Pasay and nestled in the very heart of Metro Manila’s “Travel City.”

A Reservation at a Restaurant with a Tasting Menu

The bona fide foodies among your loved ones will be hyped about experience gifts like reservations to a nice resto. To make the occasion feel even more special, consider spending on a tasting menu and offering your chosen recipient the chance to indulge in a bespoke dining experience.

A Full Spa Treatment

Another experience gift that will surely make an impact on one of your loved ones is a pampering session at the spa. Encourage them to rest, take things slowly, and enjoy the finer things in life by paying for an all-in-one session that includes a massage, facial, body scrub, manicure, pedicure, and other treatments. Spending on such a gift could do a lot to refresh them and to boost their spirits.

A Day at the Salon or Barber Shop

Do you have a friend, family member, or partner who loves to get glammed up or get dressed to the nines? Treat them to a haircut, shave, hair treatment, or makeover experience of their choice at their favorite salon or barber shop.

This is the perfect gift to give when they’re celebrating a major milestone, like their debut, graduation, or engagement. Help them look just as good as they feel on such a memorable occasion.

Concert Tickets to See Their Favorite Artists

Some of the best gifts are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and this holds especially true for fans of a particular band, musician, pop group, or dance group. If your loved one’s favorite artist is in town, surprise them with concert tickets to see an upcoming show. Give them the chance to let loose, have fun with their fellow fans, and lose themselves in the music and rhythm.

Entrance Fees for a Much-Anticipated Gallery or Exhibit Experience

For the art aficionados, photography enthusiasts, or history nerds in your social circles, why not cover their entrance fees for a special gallery or exhibit? Save the date for when their favorite painter, sculptor, or photographer is being featured in an art gallery, or when a museum nearby has an exhibit you think they’d be interested in.

This type of gift will be a hit whether you’re traveling to another country together or simply staying close to home. Add on to the experience by promising dinner, drinks, or both after the event itself.

Paid Lessons for Something They Want to Learn

As they say, it’s never too late to learn a new skill or re-ignite one’s passion for a hobby or interest they once loved. Someone in your social circle may be craving the opportunity to get into a new sport, learn how to play an instrument, or take up a pastime that allows them to use their hands. But perhaps they have neither the budget nor the time to pursue what they want.

Knowing that, paid lessons may be just what one of your loved ones needs to get out of their comfort zone and learn (or relearn) something just for the sake of it. Sponsor a fitness class, one-on-one lesson, or group class for painting, wine tasting, martial arts, dance, cooking, or other interest that appeals to them, and see them light up after the experience.

Any of the items above would make for a wonderful experience gift, but remember to choose according to what your loved one wants or needs at the moment. Let them savor the experience on their own, or celebrate with them and enjoy some much-needed quality time together!

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